Snow expected in St. Louis this weekend

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rk8EVWST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - There a fair number of conflicting signals with this evenings forecast data. The good news is they all agree it is going to snow. The devil is in placement of the snow band and figuring how much to actually post on a map.

There are some indicators that point to more than I'm forecasting but there are several very important ones that do not. I'm going with a somewhat conservative approach and think these numbers are a good start.

I am forecasting about 2" to 3" of snow this weekend. There is the possibility of a few spots of heavier snow. I'm going to open the range up to 2" to 4" in my heaviest band, with lesser amounts outside of that band.


I expect rain to develop Saturday morning as the storm system intensifies to our south and lifts northeast toward the Ohio River. Much colder air will steadily be drawn into the storm leading to a mix of rain, some sleet and snow for a brief while before the transition to all snow. That transition to snow will take place sometime between 2pm and 5pm. Closer to 2pm up near Bowling Green and closer to 5pm down towards Festus. Somewhere in between for the heart of the metro. Pretty much everyone should be seeing snow by 6pm.

Snow will only last for a few hours and should quickly wind down by or just before midnight.

In addition to the snow there will be sharply dropping temperatures and very gusty winds. The gusty winds will team up with the snow to reduce visibilities at times and drive wind chills down into the teens and eventually closing in on 0.

While this does not appear to be a major winter storm, it will make for some tough driving across the region from mid afternoon Saturday through Saturday night.