Texans bring laundry unit to help Missouri flood victims

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Clean clothes are something many of us take for granted right now. For flood victims, it's a luxury. Many lost their washer or dryer and ability to clean their laundry. Now some Texans are pitching in to help.

"There`s a joy and peace that comes from serving others." said Beverly Williford of the Southern Baptist Convention of Texas.

Folks from the Southern Baptist Convention of Texas brought a laundry unit to wash, dry and fold the dirty clothes of area flood victims.

Flood victims began arriving early Friday with bags of dirty laundry.

"I haven`t had a washer and dryer in forever. I only got one, two years ago, and the flood took it. I just paid it off a month ago. Now I have nothing, I have no home." said Judy Shaw.

While these folks will spend several days doing wash, other volunteers will arrive next week to take over as well as work on other flood related problems.

"We have flood recovery units that actually go into your home, tear out dry wall, rip out floors, power wash, disinfect, tear your stuff out." asid Mike Bagwell of the Central Baptist Church.

It`s all free, they don`t accept donations. Members of the Southern Baptist Convention could be here in Eureka as long as 8 weeks. With every clean load another person is touched by the volunteers` compassion.

"It`s overwhelming it`s so emotional it`s overwhelming." said Sharon Hunt.