Shelters open to help heat the homeless

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - People who normally spend the night on the streets will be tucked away inside Saturday night.

Americorps is an organization that helps people out during disasters. They joined with Winter Outreach and now there are 8 small shelters around St. Louis.

The new city shelter on 12th and Park is also open overnight during these cold temperatures for males only.

People who usually spend the night on the streets are thankful for shelters on nights like these.

"It beats being out there freezing and even freezing to death." Andre says when temperatures get like this it is dangerous for some people who typically spend the night outside. "You have some people that can take it and you have some people that can`t take it that`s when they have to really be bundled up out there."

He describes shelters like this one as angels. "It is like an angel that came out of nowhere and not having a rough day."

People staying at the shelter get a cot and blankets to sleep on as well as a warm meal provided by local churches.

Directors say tonight they are also prepared to help anyone who lost their home or heating due to the recent flooding

"We are going to be sheltering the homeless tonight but there are so many people who have been hurt by this flood and people who are going to be tonight without heat righting to hunker down in their homes. So our emergency response team is primarily out working with those people." said Americorps Program Director Kathleen Becherer.

If you need that emergency response team all you have to do is call 211. Americorp opens every Friday, Saturday and Sunday when those temperature get down in the 20`s. They say they are always looking for volunteers to help out on those nights.

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