Missouri 7-year-old harvests two deer with one bullet during first hunt

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Cash Koch of Houston, MO - Image submitted to the Springfield News-Leader

HOUSTON, MO – A 7-year-old harvested two deer with one bullet during his first hunt of 2016. The Springfield News-Leader reports that Cash Koch of Houston, MO shot the deer while standing over 70 yards away.

Koch was hunting on his family’s farm with his father Eryc. They spotted four deer at about 300 yards away. They sat in the riverbottom land for a half hour waiting for the deer to come closer.

A big doe finally came close enough for Cash to scope. He fired a single shot at the deer’s neck.

The child was stunned to see the deer go down. It was his first deer on the first season that he has hunted.

Cash and his father were shocked to discovered a second smaller deer laying near the doe he shot.

Eryc tells the News-Leader that, “I don’t know of anybody who’s killed two deer with one shot, let alone a 7-year-old!”

The two deer have been processed into steaks and chops. They also have and plans to make deer sausage and jerky.