Barista dies from burns after coffee stand explosion

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The owner of coffee kiosk in Washington has died after being caught by a fiery explosion inside her coffee stand. She leaves behind two young daughters.

A barista from Everett, Washington died Monday, four days after she was caught in a fiery explosion inside her coffee stand.

Courtney Campbell had big dreams for her coffee stand business and high hopes for her two young daughters. A fiery explosion robbed her of seeing any of it come true.

When Ben Scott saw Campbell in the burn unit of the hospital, he was optimistic she’d pull through. He sat at her bedside and encouraged her, although she was unable to respond. “I hope she heard my words, i really do, because it was the last time i was able to talk to her,” said Scott.
Campbell bought the Everett coffee stand in March and was putting in long hours to make it a viable business. Scott says despite that, she remained dedicated to her two daughters, who are eight and three-years-old.He says she was also ready to help out her friends any way she could.Investigators aren’t sure what started the fire, but say a propane tank might have had a role. They also found a portable heater in the stand.