Intoxicated Adele gives Nashville fans tickets

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NASHVILLE, TN - Two college students from Nashville told their friends they met singer Adele while she was tipsy.

It's not clear how many people believed it...

Until Adele told their story this week on the "Late Late Show."

Chris Conte reports.

At this point in the year, most people have turned the page on 2015.

But two college freshman from Nashville are still very much fixated on a date in December.

(Brady Morgan, College Student): "I'm studying legal studies and business. Looking to go to law school."

That's Brady Morgan, a freshman at Tulane.

(Jamir Kirshner, Met Adele While She Was Tipsy): "We both went to Ensworth High School"

That's his friend Jamir Kirshner, a freshman at the University of Denver.

natsot: "Ya absolutely crazy."

And this is the two of them after meeting Adele at a London restaurant a few days before Christmas.

(Jamir Kirshner, Met Adele While She Was Tipsy): "She was coming by my table and my mom was like 'Hey, Adele!'"

They figured their chance to say "hello" to Adele would end there.

But adele it turned out was rolling in the deep end of a few glasses of wine.

(Jamir Kirshner, Met Adele While She Was Tipsy): "Well my mom said we're big fans.

We tried to get tickets to your show but it sold out in 10 minutes or something crazy and she said oh I hadn't hear that yet"

(Adele): "The next day in the park I'm with my kid like, and I find this email address in my pocket of another family from Nashville who told me the show was sold out so I got their email address to give them tickets to Nashville. That's amazing."

(Jamir Kirshner, Met Adele While She Was Tipsy): "It was word for word the same thing I'd been telling people"

Much to their surprise Adele recalled the entire encounter during carpool karaoke on the Late Late Show this week.

Reporter/question: "Did you ever think you'd get to hear her telling it? Oh absolutely


They can't count how many times they've told their friend this story.

Turns out Adele, is telling her friends as well.

Natsot: "We could have had it all. Rolling in the deep."

(Jamir Kirshner, Met Adele While She Was Tipsy): "Hopefully she'll get back to us."

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