St. Louis Sheriff deputy accidentally fires gun inside Civil Courts Building

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A St. Louis City Sheriff Deputy is suspended without pay pending an investigation into an accidental shooting Monday at the Civil Courts Building downtown.

Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Mike Guzy tells Fox 2 News the incident happened Monday in offices located behind a courtroom. He was not sure which floor or what time the incident occurred.

Guzy confirms the deputy, with more than ten years with the office, accidentally discharged his weapon, firing one bullet which smashed through a wall and imbedded into the desk of a judge. He would not name the judge whose desk was damaged.

Guzy would confirm there were no injuries, and the officer will be without pay during the length of the investigation. He was also given a drug test, which is standard procedure in these types of incidents. Guzy said there is no suspicion the officer was impaired, and the results of the drug test are not yet available.

At the conclusion of the investigation, Sheriff James Murphy will decide what action to take with the deputy. His choices range from suspension, to outright termination.