Billy Goat potato chips are made with love

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) -    Every day in the Lindenwood Park neighborhood in the city of St. Louis there's one potato, two potato, three potato and more being made into chips at the Billy Goat Chip Company.

'We have three ingredients potatoes, oil and seasoning and so this is the production part of the process,' says Brian Roth, Owner Billy Goat Chip Company.

And my mother told me to pick the very best one and they are now it, at least according to the Idaho Potato Commission.

They hand out bags of Billy Goat Chips to let everyone know what an Idaho Russet potato should taste like as a chip.

But it`s was a decision to not do French fries that led to this great American potato chip success story.

'We had 61 seats and a little tiny kitchen maybe 120 square feet,' says Roth.  'We decided to put potato chips on the menu.  So we developed them, made our own seasoning because we didn`t like just a little salt on it.  Kind of crafted this unique product that was on the menu and came with every meal that you got.'

'Naturally gluten free, MSG free, peanut allergy free,' says Renee Simonds, Marketing & Sales Director.  'There are so many things; I call it the healthiest potato chip you`ll ever find.'

Keeping his eyes peeled on growing his business, Roth was no hesitator, shuttering his restaurant and putting all his chips into the Billy Goat business.

In just seven years they`ve grown to 35 states.

But the chip maker didn't dip into the friendly fan sparring between St. Louis and Chicago when the Cards and Cubs were in the National League Division Series.

'That was a difficult situation for us because Chicago is a pretty big market for us so we didn`t want anyone to lose,' says Simonds.  'We were rooting for both.'

'If you`re from St. Louis the goat is a fantastic little warlock maybe for Chicago,' says Roth.  'For Chicago maybe it was a little good luck charm.  And for us it was great because we were able to give them good chips all the way around.'

But you can bet both towns and teams are waiting for crunch time, come October.