Legislation filed to rein in high municipal towing fees following You Paid For It investigation

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(KTVI) - Following a You Paid For It investigation Illinois Senator Bill Haine Wednesday filed new legislation to bring down sky high municipal towing fees for minor violations.

We have been spotlighting the cases of municipalities charging tow release fees of up to $500 when police tow the vehicles for minor violations. On top of that vehicle owners pay the towing company $400 or more.

We first questioned Senator Haine after discovering that he and other Metro East Lawmakers voted for a bill that passed the legislature in 2012 that allow municipalities to charge the fees

Senator Haine maintained that the law was intended for use in cases where vehicles were used in serious crimes or for DUI's.

We showed him cases of Mayors allowing the charges for minor offenses like illegal parking where vehicles are towed and citizens slapped with high fees to get their vehicle back.

His law filed today is intended to address that problem.  It would prevent the towing release fees in cases where the vehicle was stolen at the time it was impounded.

It would bar the municipal towing fees for cases like illegal parking.

Also towns could not charge towing fees for cases of unpaid citations (parking or moving).

The measure will now goes through the long legislative process.

People whose vehicles were used in serious crimes or DUI's would still be subject to the fees.