Middle school students rally to help classmate pay off liver transplant

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - An 8th grade student at  Nipher Middle School learned he needed a liver transplant.

A teacher then made helping him her lesson plan and students made that their mission.

Spencer Vincent was diagnosed with a condition that caused his immune system to attack the ducts to his liver.

In November doctors told him he would be put on the list for a liver transplant.

"Every time the phone rang you jumped up you didn’t know who it was you just jumped up hoping it was that," said Spencer.

Spencer’s classmates heard the news.

"It just made me think that could be any of us and it was Spencer, a kid in my own school and it's just crazy" said Spencer's classmate Sara Mattingly.

Florance Borman teaches a class called the power of one.

The concept is how one person can make a difference.

This semester the students decided to try and raise money to help pay for Spencer’s liver transplant.

Everyone in the class checks on Spencer’s progress daily and how much money they have raised.

Some of these students have never actually met Spencer.

"I want him to know that I may not know you but I would be happy to meet you and we are working really hard for you and we hope you get better," said Spencer's classmate Kiden Smith.

Right now the group has raised $20,000 and the goal is $50,000.

In order to get there the class is organizing a trivia night in April.

"These kids are so excited about things and so passionate about it and I see that coming through with how much they love Spencer and want to do stuff for him over and above anything I have seen," said Borman.

Following the surgery Spencer is out of school for at least 10 weeks.

He is keeping up with his school work from home.

His dad said he wants to get back to school, his baseball team and his old normal, and Spencer has a message to all his classmates.

"Thank you for supporting me and following my story, I'll be back soon."