Students create parking app that rents out empty driveways

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CAMAS, WA – Local high school students created an app that could change the way people park.

Parking in cities like Portland can be frustrating, with limited space on streets or high prices for lots, and that’s why four seniors at Camas High School say they’re developing the app.

The app is called ADJACENT. The idea is that homeowners with room for parking in their driveways would sign up, then a driver in need of a spot could search and find open driveways.

The app shows a picture of the driveway and the available times, then a map will help guide drivers to the open spot.

Homeowners would make money by offering up their space.

The four teens hope this can help solve limited parking issues in Portland and other cities.

“I was on vacation with my dad in Chicago and we paid $60 to park for the day, and I thought there must be a cheaper way to park. Then one day, I was walking down Portland and I walked past a driveway and there was my solution, the driveways adjacent to the street,” said Juliyen Davis.

“We really hope it’s going to be successful with the help of Portland and all of our backers. But really, I think it just speaks to what we want to do as individuals, growing our careers through entrepreneurship at a young age and showing you don’t have to be a college student, 20 or 30 something, you can do anything you want at the age of 16,17,18 if you try hard enough,” said Satya Hariharan.

The Kickstarter campaign has raised nearly $5,000 but they need $60,000 to get the project funded, and have only two weeks left to raise it.