Making your work space happier and healthier

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KTVI)- The workplace can be a fairly stressful and unhealthy space for people to spend eight hours a day at.

Dr. Matt. Bruckel of Total Access Urgent Care has some tips to make your work space happier and those days at work a bit brighter.

Tips to a healthy work space:

~1. Remind Yourself to Sit Less - Not only good physically, but studies show it can increase productivity-WALK AROUND

~2. Try a Standing Desk

~3.Add a plant - great way to inspire creativity and wellness

~4. Display personal items (a few) - can reduce stress and dissatisfaction. Avoid cluttering your space, but personal photos can lift your mood.

~5. Stop eating at your desk - have a dedicated area where you go to get a break during the day to reset your brain. This will increase productivity.

~Paint your walls green

~Use aromatherapy

~Pay attention to posture

~Take your pet to work

~Adjust your lighting

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