Cars towed at Beggin Pet Parade’

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - Sunday was a big day of Mardi Gras fun in Soulard, got off to a rough start for some people.

Workers were out this morning towing cars from the Beggin Pet Parade route.

Emergency no parking signs were posted along the route.

St. Louis city tow trucks also went up and down the restricted streets blaring sirens trying to get people to move their cars before workers towed them.

Mack Bradley, the president of the Mardi Gras Foundation, says Mardi Gras organizers put out all kinds of warnings about no parking zones before Mardi Gras season begins.

Those range from sending mailers with information to posting information on doors to attending neighborhood meetings and putting information on Mardi Gras` website.

Bradley says there will even be more parking restrictions next Saturday for the big party.

A tow worker told us it costs $100 if your car is towed.

We`re told it still costs $75 if workers have your car on the tow truck then you come out and they take it off before actually towing it away.

Another tow worker told us they towed about 15 cars and others got tickets.