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Jennings mayor faces possible impeachment

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JENNINGS, MO (KTVI) - The accusations range from accessing confidential files to using a city vehicle for personal use. Jennings Mayor Yolonda Fountain-Henderson faces the possibility of impeachment. The hearing will held February 29th here at the Jennings municipal court.

The City Hired Attorney Paul Martin to investigate the mayor`s actions. His findings include accusations Mayor Yolonda Fountain Henderson exceeded her authority in trying to hire an employee without the council`s approval.

The Mayor used a city vehicle for a trip to Jefferson City that was not city business.

The mayor is also accused of ordering the locks broken on confidential files. She pursued her own investigation into council members and city employees.

Fountain-Henderson emailed FOX 2 a response. She says that the impeachment effort is more about politics and personal vengeance. She`s not personally gained from any of the alleged acts. She says she loves Jennings, is a hard worker, and at worse made some discretionary choices that were not popular.

Some voters say they`re disturbed by the allegations.