Shake Shack coming to St. Louis in 2017

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A “roadside” burger chain with a cult following will open a St. Louis location next year.

Shake Shack will open its first local burger stand in Central West End at 32 North Euclid.

Company founder Danny Meyer, who grew up in St. Louis, said he drew inspiration from his hometown when creating the chain and drawing up the menu, which features Angus beef burgers, griddle flat-top hot dogs, and freshly-spun frozen custard.

Josh Udelhofen is excited to shake things up in the Central West End.

"What you'll see behind us will be demolished in a week," says Josh Udelhofen, The Koman Group. "We'll have six story building that will be replacing it with two underground levels of parking. Everything on the first floor will be retail, about 11,000 square feet sitting adjacent to the Whole Foods here."

The corner of Euclid and West Pine is already in the process of changing with work being finished in preparation for the new Whole Foods.

But the Koman Group's new building will feature 72 luxury residential units and a tenant that's getting some excited, the Shake Shack.

"Obviously Danny Meyers is probably one of the world's best restaurateurs," says Udelhofen. "He's known for five star restaurants but he used that to come up with the Shake Shak concept. But its terrific products and experience and we think it's going to be packed day and night and we're just thrilled about it."

Between the BJC Hospital system expansion to the South, and the Cortex development to the East, the Central West End is filling up in the middle.

As chief investment officer for the Koman Group, Udelhofen helped acquire the sight in 2015.

They'll break ground in the next 60 to 90 days.

St. Louis native Danny Meyers and his Shake Shack will shuffle into place come 2017.

At present, Shake Shack has 49 burger stands across the country, as well as international locations in London, Istanbul, Dubai, Tokyo, and Moscow.