Will a new St. Louis County soccer complex saturate the market?

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Will a new soccer complex at St. Louis County Creve Coeur Lake Park saturate the market? Youth soccer supporters say "no". There are some questions as to whether the County has budgeted enough money to build the project.

St. Louis County plans to have 13 full size artificial turf fields and two junior fields in the park north of the Page Extension, all for $14 million dollars.

Part of the explanation may be that two recently renovated artificial turf fields already exist.

The plan calls for turning these existing grass fields into a medium sized soccer complex where youth teams could play nine months out of the year on artificial turf and compete in tournaments.

However, St. Louis County is running behind. A Kansas City company that has already started to build an 11 field complex in Belleville next to a hotel and convention center project.

Hall of Famer Tony Glavin has been involved in St. louis youth level soccer for 25 years. Competition from the Belleville soccer project does not concern him.

"Sometimes competition is a good thing. Sometimes you can over saturate the market as well. But I do think that there`s a place for it here in St. Louis, definitely locally." said Tony Glavin.

The County plans to run 21 weekend tournaments a year. They say it should draw players from as far as 500 miles away.

Glavin`s only worry is that the construction budget is too low. "I can`t tell you what they`re doing but it sounds awful low. Maybe the budget needs to be a little bit higher for that."

At the same time Maryland Heights is looking for firms to develop land next door to Creve Coeur Lake Park.
THe soccer complex is icing on the cake.

"I think the soccer complex they announced is absolutely wonderful. It`s a big boost for our area it shows the viability of this area off of Maryland Heights Expressway and I think it complements well in what our future plans are." said said Maryland Heights City Administrator Jim Krischke.

Some of the property Maryland Heights wants to develop may belong to a partner of Stan Kroenke. The city administrator says he can`t verify that and promises the city will look at any proposals that meets its criteria.