State rep. wants to make daylight saving year-round

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BRENTWOOD, MO (KTVI) - Missouri House Representative Mike Kelley is suggesting putting daylight saving time on the ballot.

He wants Missouri voters to decide if they want to permanently stay on daylight saving time or keep switching back and forth.

If we permanently stay on daylight saving times we would not change the clocks in November and it would stay light for longer during these winter months.

Kelley said there are health risks like more car accidents and sleepier kids at school linked to switching the clocks,

He also said there is a benefit to businesses to stay on day light saving time all year round.

"There are a lot of businesses that do better when you have more sunlight people are out shopping going to restaurants doing those activities and usually those activities are going to happen after the five o`clock hour when people are getting off work and when it is dark by 5:15- 5:30 most people just go home instead of going out and shopping and doing things in the local economy." said Kelley.

This would only go into effect if Missouri voters approved it and voters from two other adjoining states.

It would take effect March 2017.

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