Twin CBC students share the love at area children’s hospitals

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Twin brothers from CBC high school are spending their own money and time to brighten children's lives at the hospital. Joey & Franko Dokaj started a foundation to help children that were once in the same situation they were once in.

The teens visited Mercy Children's Hospital on Valentine's Day dressed as Batman and Spiderman. The seniors from Christian Brothers College High School  brought gifts for the kids to share the love.

Andrea Stranghoener has a child in isolation at the hospital. She snapped a pic of the Dokaj brothers and wants it to viral. She wants to thank their parents for raising excellent children.

Stranghoener posted this message to Facebook.  It has been shared over a 1,000 times.

"I'm in tears thinking about the incredible kindness and generosity of these two young men. They are CBC students who spend their own time and money to bring gifts to the children in the hospital. Wyatt is in isolation, so they didn't get to meet him, but I took this picture for him and his brothers (they are holding gifts for them too...and a rose for mom??). I would love for this to be shared, not only to spread the love on Valentines Day, but also for the hope that this could reach their mothers and fathers so I can commend them for raising such amazing boys. Well done!! PLEASE SHARE!"

This mother and her husband were so moved by the student's generosity that they tried to donate to their cause. Andrea posted this update to her Facebook post:

"They of course wouldn't take the money, so my husband just put it in with their stuff. About an hour later, a nurse brought our money back with a note, saying that my hug and thanks was enough, so they couldn't accept it. I have their gifts and the letter displayed in our hospital room."

Batman and Spiderman sent this note:


The Dokaj brothers have done this sort of thing before. They visited Mercy and Cardinal Glennon this Christmas with gifts for kids.

There is a reason they want to give back. They posted this explanation to the Dokaj Foundation's Facebook page:

"The main reason we started this, is because we are fortunate enough to be in the situation we are in now. Our parents & brother left a 3rd world country to come to America with no money and no English. Now, we have a beautiful life. God has given our family many miracles, so we decided to give a few miracles ourselves with our charity. For the past few years, we were going through some really hard times, fighting our own battles. It got so bad, we almost lost faith in life. So another reason we started this charity was because we didn't want kids to lose hope in their own lives. We wanted to help them keep a sentimental value for themselves, faith. We didn't want them to lose faith in their own lives.

- Joey & Franko Dokaj"


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