Missouri legislators ask why $16 million was spent to keep the Rams in St. Louis

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KTVI) – Some Missouri legislators wanted to know why the Sports Authority spent $16 Million tax dollars in the failed stadium proposal to try to keep the Rams here without talking to lawmakers first.

The state kicks in $12 million a year to help pay off the bonds on the Edward Jones Dome.

They'll be paying along with the city and county until 2021.

The authority's executive director Brian McMurtry, flanked by his lawyer fielded hard questions from legislators at a house budget committee hearing in Jefferson City.

At one point the two men appeared at a loss for words after State Representative Genise Montecillo from St. Louis County, asked how she is going to explain the spending to her constituents.

The money was spent on architects, designers, consultants and lawyers in the unsuccessful effort to keep the team here.

I questioned McMurtry about whether taxpayers will ever get back any of their $16 million dollars.

McMurtry answered, he's not sure.

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