Sunset Hills salon says neighboring cigar store a nuisance

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SUNSET HILLS, MO (KTVI) - A battle over smoke has become overheated between neighboring businesses in Sunset Hills. Salon Moxi has been open for several years and 66 Cigar, which is next door, opened at the beginning of February.

People at the salon say they were overcome by smoke.

“It smells like an old, dirty bar in here,” said stylist Felicia Smith.

Salon workers and their customers complained they could smell the odor of smoke from next door, that the cigar business was a nuisance.

“Everyday; worse and worse,” stylist Tatyana Olenik said.

Some people insisted it’s making them sick.

“I am feeling bad. Every day I have horrible allergy problems,” said stylist Donna Whissler.

Smith said she has two daughters with Cystic Fibrosis and she cannot bring them into the salon for a haircut.

“Their lungs cannot clear smoke or bacteria like ours can,” she said.

Jay Rosloff, who owns 66 Cigar, said he’s not breaking any laws. And no one disagrees that he’s operating within the county smoking law. He doesn’t understand how the folks next door smell cigar smoke.

“If I can’t smell a hair salon, how can they possible smell me through fire caulked walls?” he said.

Rosloff said for weeks he’s been working on improving his store’s ventilation system and he hoped to have it completed in a few weeks.

“This is probably the cleanest environment where people can smoke inside in St. Louis County,” he said.

Officials at Sunset Hills City Hall told Fox 2 News they sent Rosloff a letter today telling him the smoke is a nuisance and he needs to stop the smoking until the ventilation is improved. He can continue to sell cigars. Rosloff said he’s consulting his attorney.

Meanwhile, the folks at Salon Moxi have started journals to keep track of smoke or odors next door.