Hazelwood administrators make six figures while announcing deep cuts

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Hazelwood School District Administrators try to physically block the "You Paid For It" team when going to get answers from School Board President Desiree Whitlock.

It was a chaotic scene as one administrator actually grabbed Elliott Davis and tried to pull him away from the desk where Whitlock was seated.

Parents asked Elliott to investigate the six figure salaries in the district that has now announced millions in cuts. Among them are cuts to elementary orchestra, band and physical education. FOX 2 discovered a dozen six figure administrators on the payroll.

At the top of the chain, the $220,000 Superintendent. There are six Assistant Superintendents making between $117,000 and $190,000.
Two Curriculum Coordinators, one making $110,166 the other being paid $106,405.

We also found a position called "Supplemental Assignments " That person makes $127,477. A job called "At Risk" pays $130,000.

Elliott Davis sat down with parents who are angry over the cuts in programs effecting their kids. They showed him a letter the district sent out in October saying that the district was a good financial shape.

Months later a bombshell that has parents livid and District Administrators ducking for cover.

See raw video of the confrontation here:

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