Couples dream vacation turns into nightmare

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(KTVI) - A couple of months ago we told you about a softball team that ran into ‘foul territory' traveling to Las Vegas.  The same woman who was paid to book that trip fails to satisfy other customers. Whether it`s a wedding anniversary or a birthday celebration, people called us expressing disappointment and anger. Their dream vacation turned into a nightmare.  Linda and Ricky Gilmore made plans to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in Jamaica.  It was a long overdue trip Linda says.  'We got married at the courthouse and didn`t have a honeymoon.  We went to work the next day. And this would have been our first trip out of the country.'

A woman offered to make the arrangements during a picnic of mutual friends. The all-inclusive trip would cost over $4,000 dollars.  After making the last payment Linda called the resort and the airline to confirm.  She found no reservations.  The Gilmores asked for a full refund.  They`re still waiting and it speaks volumes according to Ricky.   'Normal people, they do better at their jobs the longer they do it, and I think the same with people that cheat other people.  They get better at it.'

Last fall we interviewed members of an adult softball team.  The same person was supposed to book the team`s trip to Las Vegas for an international tournament.   Marilyn Maxwell used the trip to celebrate her birthday with the team but their flight and hotel reservations were incomplete. Marilyn says she spent more than expected the first night.  'I had to pay for my room initially, my first night there.'

Maxwell says her birthday was not fun.  So she got a flight out the third night.   But what's worse, a few weeks after returning her credit card number was used to make two online purchases.  They were shipped to the address of the woman paid to book the trip.  Marilyn says she called and asked the woman about the charges.   'I kept repeating the address over and over.  And then finally she goes it must have been my daughter.'

Marilyn says she demanded the items be returned.   At this point she's sure the credit card reflects at least one return. And she's waiting for the second to clear.   She is still not pleased with the so called travel agent`s behavior.  'Any reputable business person shouldn't be able to do that. So I'm looking at her like a really unscrupulous person.'

If things had gone as planned Rick and Linda Gilmore would be leaving for their Jamaican vacation in two days.  They hope others will learn from their experience.  Call the Better Business Bureau before you pay someone to book your travel.  Check their credentials.  If you have a consumer issue call our call for action hotline.  The number is 800-782-2222.  Operators take calls Monday through Thursday between 11am and 1pm.