Baby gorilla born via c-section

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Bristol Zoo Gardens - What's it like for a doctor who normally deliver baby humans to deliver a baby gorilla instead?

It was a c-section that had even the main doctor going ape in that low key British way.

(Dr. David Cahill) "The most unusual and special and exciting delivery I've ever done."

It's a girl...gorilla. The staff at Bristol Zoo knew the mother wasn't feeling right and then the fetus grew unresponsive.  That's when zoo staff called in gynecologist Dr. David Cahill who's delivered lots of human babies.

(Dr. David Cahill) "Over a thousand. I don't keep count."

(Jeanne Moos) "Uh huh and how about gorillas?"

(Dr. David Cahill) ahhh one ha ha

They decided to do an emergency caesarian.

(Dr. David Cahill) "This was just like any other mother but she had very thick skin and felt very different to the touch."

Things got tense when the two pound 10 ounce newborn came out not breathing. Bristol Zoo's vet did CPR blowing air into her lungs as someone else did chest compressions. It worked.

There have been other rare gorilla c-sections, for instance, two years ago in San Diego...a four-point-six-pound baby famous for her blue knit hat.

So far the as yet unnamed Bristol Zoo infant is being hand raised by staff. She's brought within sight and smell of her mom, but the mother hasn't shown any interest in taking care of her. As for the doctor turned gorilla deliverer, we wondered what did he tell his wife?

(Dr. David Cahill) "What did I tell you when i got home?  All in a day's work all in a day's work was the comment."

The patient is doing very well. While the doctor is getting teased by colleagues for the hairy special delivery.

Ok famous person have your dinner. Thank you, darling.

Bon Appetit!

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