Crown Candy busy making Easter chocolate bunnies

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - It`s the sound of silence, or at least of one man working diligently.

'We`re going to make 10,000 Easter bunnies for Easter,' says Andy Karandzieff.  'So that takes about two months.  So when I hit the pump it activates the piston which pushes the chocolate up and through.'

And that means no stopping momentum, even if Mother Nature has other plans.

Today it was Andy Karandzieff`s cross to bear to create the crosses and chocolate rabbits that St. Louisans will be snacking on for Easter.

'You wake up to blizzard conditions and terrible snow and my lights are flickering off and on,' says Karandzieff.

Just my luck, the one time I can get a table.

So St. Louis staple Crown Candy made the tough decision to close for the day.

But that meant no off day for this owner.

'I`m getting the air bubbles out,' says Karandzieff.  'That`s that little pick is.  I`m picking all the air bubbles out.'

With visions of I love Lucy, figured it be best to lend a hand or stomach to Andy`s efforts.

'I appreciate it,' says Karandzieff.  'But it`s best if you stick to that side of the camera doing the stories.'

'You sure you don`t want any help?' asks Patrick Clark.  'Because I could...'

'Today,' says Karandzieff.  'No.'

Apparently there`s no horsing around when it comes to making bunny rabbits.

Thankfully, Andy`s wife and father-in-law wound up coming in and lent their help in hand-crafting these Easter goodies.

'This year the Chinese New Year celebrates the monkey,' says Sherri Karandzieff.  'It`s the year of the monkey so I can anticipate a bump in the sales of monkeys.'

And that`s snow problem, thanks to a snow day, and a chance to stock up on the delicious inventory.

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