Did you get snow in St. Charles County?

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ST.CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - While some places in the metro area got a lot of snow Wednesday morning, others didn`t get any.

And that division was strangely true in St. Charles County, where the snow bands were so tight, the difference between several inches of snow and no snow at all was only a few miles.

The City of St. Charles had about one to two inches of snow on the ground; just to the west, St. Peters and O`Fallon had none.

'We usually get it worse out here because it usually starts here and goes the other way so it is fine with me,' said O`Fallon resident Teresa Layton.

St. Peters resident Chuck Williams had to come to St. Charles for an afternoon meeting.

'Ten minutes west of here it is nothing, and here I see slush and ice everywhere,' said Williams.

Initially, St. Charles Schools were going to try to have class. But when the buses started to roll at about 6:00 a.m., drivers became concerned because the snow combined with wind and the cold, was causing their mirrors to freeze over, and leading the superintendent to call off classes.

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