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Look out for the fake cab driver who threatened to decapitate police

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A former cab driver who admitted threatening to cut off the heads of police officers, is back on the streets.  He may be driving a fake cab that looks like the real thing. Mahad Abdi was recently released after serving his sentence for assault.

Terry King was one of his victims.  King says Abdi attacked him.  Now King is looking over his shoulder for the fake cab.  King said, “My family is all scared. My fiancé’s been driving me back and forth and she’s afraid to come up here, that he might follow her back home.”

King said Abdi showed up out of nowhere yelling that he didn’t like white people and threatened to cut and kill him.  King was able to fight off Abdi with a tire iron until police came.

Abdi pleaded guilty to six misdemeanor assault charges and spent eight months in jail.  Now that he’s out, King is worried that Abdi could still be driving his fake cab and tricking people into thinking he’s a real cab driver. When we last saw Abdi, he drove a van with a cab meter on the dash and unauthorized Wilson Taxi logos on the side of the van.

Wilson Taxi’s owner told us last summer, “It’s very dangerous. I think it’s dangerous to the public and it’s dangerous to our company.”  Wilson fired Abdi last March but said there is nothing he can do about the logos on the van because Abdi owns the van.

“The police actually told me that I couldn’t deface it and I couldn’t remove it.” Wilson added.

Last July, Fox 2 was able to lead authorities to Abdi.  Taxicab commission investigators then removed his taxicab plates and placed a sticker on the back window that said, "vehicle not for hire." Since the sticker can be peeled off, consumers can best protect themselves by looking for the taxicab plates.  Abdi’s van may still have taxi logos, but it will not have special taxi plates as required for licensed cab drivers.

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