Trending Topics: Kesha receives $250K, Hillary Clinton visits Scandal set & more

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay the $72 million in damages to the family of a woman who died of cancer in 2015. The family says her death was a direct result of the company's talcum powder.

Jackie Fox, 62, passed away two years after being diagnosed with the illness. Her family says she used the product for well over 50 years.

Although the family believes Johnson & Johnson was aware of the dangers associated with talcum, the company says their product is safe.

Scientists are still at odds over the potential risks of talc and the American Cancer Society isn't clear if products containing the powder increase cancer risk.

Normally used to absorb moisture, the product is considered cosmetic and does not require FDA approval.

Pop singer Kesha receives $250K in support from Taylor Swift

The Tik Tok singer is receiving lots of support after a judge rule against her request to cut ties with her producer Lukasz Gottwald, better known as Dr. Luke.

Kesha, whose real name is Kesha Rose Sebert, says Gottwald has been sexually, verbally, physically and emotionally abusing her for the last 10 years. She says he convinced her to leave her family at the age of 18 in order to pursue a glamorous pop star career.

Dr. Luke denies the abuse allegations. He says Kesha's new management team persuaded her to break their contract and are attempting to ruin his reputation.

#TGIT Former FLOTUS visits the set of Scandal 

Hillary Clinton recently made a surprise visit to the set of ABC's hit show Scandal. The Democratic Presidential candidate surprised the cast and selfies began floating all over the place.

She spent time with Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington and of course the President Fitz played by actor Tony Goldwyn.

Even Jake & Abby joined in on the fun!

Washington took to Facebook saying she's standing by her side.

Facebook 'Reactions' now available to everyone

Facebook recently made "liking" status updates more interesting with five new reactions. Users are now able to like, love, wow, haha and even relay that their angry on posts.

For mobile users, the buttons will appear after holding down the "like" button. If you're on a desk top, simply hover over the "like" button and the options will soon appear!


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