Dougherty Ferry road remains closed because of four broken power poles

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DES PERES, MO (KTVI) - Ameren has almost everyone's power back on line following Wednesday's blustery storm. There is still one big problem they are trying to fix. Crews are still at work on Dougherty Ferry Road fixing four broken power poles.

The poles snapped after the lines between them were coated with heavy snow and then blown around in 30 to 40 mph winds. Getting to those poles repaired is taking a long time. The four that broke are in a tough spot to reach.

Ameren crews continue working to restore power all over town. At the height of the outage, 41,000 were without power. By lunchtime Thursday, that number was fewer than a thousand.

Ameren Missouri Director of Operations Ryan Arnold says the company has approximately 800,000 poles made from wood.

“The ones that actually toppled over, were inspected in 2015,” Arnold said.

He says visual inspections were done on approximately 180,000 of the poles in 2015. He says every pole is inspected at least once during a four year period.

“(In) 2015 we spent about $58 million, which is for inspection repair and maintenance of our poles,” Arnold said.

He’s confident in the safety of the poles and says it took a freak storm to take them down Wednesday.