Local priest praying for thieves who stole from church

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EUREKA, MO (KTVI) - A local priest says he was sound asleep upstairs when a duo stole money from the rectory safe at the Most Sacred Heart Church in Eureka.

"Somehow, they thought they needed money and they thought this would be a place to get it," Father Joseph Kempf said.

Eureka police say no one has come forward since the incident happened overnight February 15.

"As clear as that video is, I'm very surprised we haven't received more phone calls,” Detective Bill Knittel said.

Surveillance video released last week showed two men cloaked in white, and wearing gloves. One of the men is seen on camera handing a package of money over to the other man. The men appear to be in their early to mid-40s.

"You could see the other person taking off the blanket used to shield their face," Father Kempf said.

Thursday afternoon, Knittel showed KTVI new surveillance video from a different camera. The two men are seen covering themselves in white sheets as they enter and leave the church rectory office. Eureka police said the video gives key clues.

"The best thing anybody could ever have was that video,” Detective Knittel said. “And that video showed us there wouldn't be any fingerprints because they were wearing gloves."

In the meantime, Father Kempf said some parishoners have come forward with a reward. He said he has a special message for the suspects who stole the donations.