In Your Neighborhood- The Cheshire Inn and Boundary

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RICHMOND HEIGHTS, MO. (KTVI)- The Cheshire Inn is a luxury hotel that spans three separate municipalities in the St. Louis region;

Cheshire Inn itself is in Richmond Heights; Boundary, an upscale restaurant and bar attached to the Cheshire,  is located in St. Louis City.

Chef Rex Hale spoke with Pertz this morning about how this municipality separation affects the business. The Cheshire Inn and Boundary need to have two of every license to operate their business, including two liquor licenses.

The Clayton municipality begins rights on the other side of the street from The Cheshire Inn.

Boundary just re-opened its doors after being closed for renovation on Feb. 8.

Randi and Pertz also got to check out several of the themed rooms in the Cheshire, including the James Bond room and the Treasure Island room.

As an added bonus, every room at the Cheshire Inn is pet friendly. Just give them an advance notice for your reservation so they can accommodate you and your furry friends.