In Your Neighborhood- Tropicana Lanes

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RICHMOND HEIGHTS, MO. (KTVI)- Kim Hudson is live at the Tropicana Lanes bowling alley in Richmond Heights this morning.

Kim got the chance to speak with the owner of Tropicana, Tino DiFranco. The Tropicana has been in Richmond Heights since 1961, and is renowned in the world of bowling.

Kim also got some tips from a bowling Hall of Famer, Ray Bluth. Bluth even tried to give Kim some tips to improve her bowling skills.

After working up an appetite bowling, Kim went into the kitchen at the Tropicana Lanes to see how they cook up old fashioned American specialties.

Kim also got the chance to talk to some Tropicana regulars as they enjoy their Friday bowling.

Randi and Pertz finally caught up to Kim at Tropicana Lanes after spending the morning at the Cheshire Inn. Pertz was a natural and Randi showed some impressive skills as they bowled a few frames with Kim.