13 struggles that everyone in St. Louis has

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St. Louis is an amazing place to live.  There is a lot to do and the cost of living is low.  But, there are some quirks.  Check out this list

1. Do you know Nelly? Everyone keeps asking.

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2. Dealing with 4 seasons of weather in one week


3. The traffic at highway 40 (I-64) near Clayton. It is always backed up with no accident. What is up with that?

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4. Explaining that Ferguson is a suburb of St. Louis.

"Welcome to Ferguson" Sign

5. Getting out of towners to try Imo’s Pizza. Seriously! It is the best ever. Not cheese and crackers.

6. You still refer to “Fair St. Louis” as the “VP Fair.”

7. Answering “What high school did you go to?” can get awkward.

8. Panera will ALWAYS be the St. Louis Bread Company.

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9. “The best fans in baseball” don’t have a lot of fans. Go Cards!

Uncle Fred? 🇺🇸

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10. Blues fans. Amiright?

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11. Ted Drewe’s is not ice cream. It is a frozen custard.

12. You know what “Cheap, Cheap, Fun Fun” means.

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13. Why are town names the same on both sides of the Mississippi river?