CIA releases its ‘X-Files’ online

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CLEVELAND -- Hundreds of documents concerning alleged UFO's and alien life forms were recently declassified and posted online. Researchers tell WJW what's missing from the files is what's most intriguing.

Tom Wertman, a retired College Dean and Director the Mutual UFO network of Ohio, or MUFON, has been investigating UFO sightings for years and obtained a collection of historical documents. He wonders why reports by rocket scientist Hermann Oberth aren’t mentioned. Tom claims his records show that Oberth witnessed strange objects, darting across the skies over Germany during World War 2.

“We thought they were American, and he says they thought they were German, but we were tracking things on our radar going 6,000 mph that we couldn’t explain,” said Wertman.

And there are other omitted cases according to Tom and MUFON.

In 1966 two sheriff’s deputies chased something across the sky in Portage County. Then Congressman and future President Gerald Ford called for an investigation. Officials later said the object was a satellite.

In 1973, the crew on board an Ohio Army National Guard helicopter also encountered an unidentified flying object. It was late at night and they were returning from Wright Patterson Airforce Base in southern Ohio when they came face to face with something strange in the skies over Richland County.


Researchers say in general 90% of UFO sightings are easily explained as weather balloons or other aircrafts, but it’s the missing 10% that keeps the public gazing up at the sky.

“It’s the mystery,” says Jay. “The question of what is that up there.”

He thinks, and other researchers agree, that “the truth is out there” and might eventually be revealed but through technology and not necessarily government reports.

“We’re learning a lot more about our universe,” said Jay. “It’s truly an exciting time.”

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