Homeless man refuses to beg, hands out resumés

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SACREMENTO, CA – A homeless man is refusing to beg for money after being on the streets for the past two years. Frederick Callison doesn’t use a typical sign to ask for a hand-out. Instead he puts his employment credentials on display.

Callison keeps crisp white envelops with copies of his resume ready for a potential employer. KLFY reports that the 52-year-old prints them at a business that allows him to temporarily use their office space.

The former link cook’s work ethic inspired one man to share the story to Facebook. Michael Marteen asked others to help and the story went viral.

Marteen posted this message:

This homeless man was sitting outside of Smart and Final NOT asking for money. His sign said “Need work, and hungry” not just that but he had MULTIPLE resumes printed out and enveloped. SWEAR TO GOD. He has a cell phone and is trying to get off the streets. PLEASE SHARE HIS RESUME FOR ME. He deserves a shot more than people begging for money. I gave him what I could. Bag of some raviolis, chips and a sandwich. Jug of water. I’d rather buy someone food, hungry looking for a job than someone begging for money with a cigarette in their hand.