Spring trout season begins in Missouri

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ST. JAMES, MO (KTVI) – Cardinals Opening Day might not be until April 13, but Tuesday marks the beginning of spring trout season in the Show Me State.

Hundreds of anglers—young and old—are all going to Maramec Spring Park for the start of trout season. The state mandates that anyone between the ages of 16 and 64 have a license and daily tag to fish. Fishermen are limited to four fish each day per person.

Maramec Spring is one of four trout parks in Missouri. About 3,000 trout were stocked at the park ahead of opening day. Thousands of others are have been stocked at the other locations as well.

The 2016 trout seasons is taking a hit because of the heavy rains and record flooding in December. Some trout were lost during the rain and flooding, meaning there will be less fish stocked in fishing areas throughout the season.