Lightning strike makes 2 students poster boys for CPR kiosks

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(Source: Rama / Wikimedia Commons)

Airline travelers waiting for flights can now spend a few minutes teaching themselves a life-saving skill _ hands-only CPR.

Unusual kiosks that feature videos, rubber torsos and a disco soundtrack are being introduced at five U.S. airports: Indianapolis, Chicago, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Baltimore-Washington.

Experts say more than 20 percent of heart attacks occur in public places. The chances of survival are much higher if a bystander can administer CPR before medics arrive.

The kiosk rollout by the American Heart Association and Anthem Foundation follows the successful test of one at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.

More than 25,000 people have trained on that kiosk since 2013. That includes a senior at the University of Dayton who saved another student just two days after learning CPR.