Synthetic drug seller pleads guilty to avoid life in prison

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI)- A St. Charles County woman admitted her role in drug deals the federal government says brought in $6,598,517. She could`ve faced life in prison before she pleaded guilty. Her name is Pam Tabatt and she been the subject of FOX Files investigation for nearly five years.

In 2011, a concerned citizen first brought us a packet of synthetic cocaine called Ivory Wave. He said he bought it from Tabatt`s store. We tested products and revealed the dangers repeatedly since then.

The St. Louis County store called `Nights of Rave Smoke Sensations` was a big seller.
South 94 Bait, Tackle and Smoke Shop in St. Charles County was another. In more than a dozen investigative reports, we
challenged Tabatt on her sales.

In 2012 I caught up with her and asked, 'Are you going to keep selling this stuff?' Tabatt answered, 'It`s going to go illegal in August anyway.

Tabatt kept selling, putting this sign on her door 'no media, especially Chris Hayes.'

When we caught her in public, she blamed the users. She said, 'When does it become the adult`s responsibility, whatever they do?'

Today she took responsibility in front of a Federal Judge, avoiding possible life in prison by pleading guilty to six counts including selling controlled substances, laundering money and obstructing justice.

She walked out of federal court, spotted our camera then turned around to go back inside. She walked back out covering her face.

I asked, 'What do you say about the millions you made on products people say ruined their lives?' Tabatt did not answer.

I asked, 'Where did the $6 million dollars go?' Tabatt didn`t answer.

The Feds reportedly seized some of the money, including $2 million in cashier`s checks and a home Tabatt admitted trying to hide from the Federal Government.

Tabatt had no comment today. Her driver flipped me off as he drove away.

A judge will sentence Tabatt in June under an agreed cap of 12 and a half years in prison.

She still operates the 94 Bait, Tackle & Smoke Shop. The Judge warned her that they`ll be watching to make sure she doesn`t continue selling synthetic drugs.

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