Trump, Clinton delegate leads growing

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WASHINGTON (AP) _Donald Trump’s lead in the race for delegates is growing, but he’s still winning just 46 percent of the delegates that have been awarded so far.

That’s not good enough to clinch the nomination before the party’s national convention this summer: It takes a majority.

His rivals are doing worse, leaving Trump as the GOP candidate with the most realistic path to a majority of the delegates by the end of the primary season.

Trump won at least 161 delegates in Tuesday’s contests. John Kasich picked up at least 75 delegates, most of them for winning Ohio. Ted Cruz won at least 26 and Marco Rubio will get at least five.

There are still 100 delegates left to be allocated.

The overall race for delegates:

Trump: 621.

Cruz: 396.

Rubio: 168.

Kasich: 138.

It takes 1,237 delegaes to win the Republican nomination for president.