Video showing Missouri Highway Patrol cooking Meth leaked

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WELDON SPRINGS, MO (KTVI) – A shocking video surfacing online shows the Missouri State Highway Patrol making meth.

FOX 2 showed it to troopers, who didn’t even know it was made public.

Since it was posted in January, it’s had nearly 30,000 views.

The video shows a sergeant with the MSHP demonstrating a recipe for what he calls the “Nazi Synthesis Method“.

You also hear him saying “hopefully we come up with some great dope.”

The video is detailed, listing ingredients and demonstrating how to pulverize, mix, pour and even strip lithium from every day batteries.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says it did film the video in 2002 to train the state’s law enforcement, troopers, deputies and city officers how to safely dismantle a meth lab which can be a dangerous job.

“We know that there is a lot of chemicals involved and certainly we don’t want any problems resulting in a fire or an explosion or something along those lines,” said Capt. John Hotz, Missouri State Highway Patrol.

But authorities say it was restricted access, for officers’ eyes only and they don’t know how it got leaked.

“That is something we are looking into to try and figure out. You know, how it actually got there,” Hotz said.