Missouri kids raise money for police because, ‘They protect us every single one of us’

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LEE'S SUMMIT, MO (KTVI) - Two kids in Missouri are raising money for police officers. Aiden Best and Nathan Perry have been thinking about how to thank the police for a while now. They spent their Sunday selling lemonade to raise money for  officers.

Aiden says school and church inspired him to do something nice for his local department.

"They protect us every single one of us. If we didn't have them our world would be apocalypse. It would be rampage all over, bad people would be taking over, we wouldn't know what to do. If hey broke the law we wouldn't know how to stop them." said Aiden Best.

After raising $50 the two picked up boxes of donuts and soda. They even had enough money to buy cinnamon rolls for the fire department.