Renter says security camera inside apartment is an invasion of privacy

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12962650_10156759338375274_1923221676_oWARRENTON, MO (KTVI) – A woman is looking to find a new place to live after she found a camera in her room and her landlord is refusing to take it down.

Shea Page found a basement room to rent in Warrenton on Craigslist for $300 a month. Page said went to the home for an interview, walked through it with her mom and she did not see a camera in the room she was looking to rent.

"She didn’t say anything about it she said there is a security system outside which everyone has that," said Page.

About a week after living there Pages sister noticed a camera in a corner near her bed.

"I didn’t even notice it because when you walk in the room it is not notable You are not looking for a camera," said Page.

She immediately asked her landlord to take it down.

Page said the landlord told her the camera was for her kid’s safety. Page, who is four months pregnant, said it makes her uncomfortable.

"You can see everything you can see me changing. It is scary. I am not OK with raising my kid with a camera in the room," said Page.

Renee Scott, the landlord, said Page knew the camera was in the room when she signed the lease. It is only pointed at the point of entry not her bed.

"She came over and looked at the place. She is in a living room setting it is like a rec room, the camera was there when she moved in. She knew about the camera," said Scott.

According to police, whether the cameras were there to begin with or not, a tenant is entitled to privacy in their rented space.

Page plans to move out of the space as soon as possible.