Court orders U-City to vacate staff from condemned police department building

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(KTVI) University City must vacate its police department building within 90 days, according to a court order issued Wednesday.

The property was condemned February 16. The building commissioner determined the police annex was rife with a variety of health and safety problems, including mold, asbestos, and mildew. He also documented various electrical hazards throughout the property.

The union representing the officers have been demanding staff be removed from the property.

City leaders have said they have taken steps to remediate the problems, but officers say there has been no sense of urgency.

Calling it “an emergency situation,” a court order from a St. Louis County circuit judge stipulates that U-City “relocate all employee” by July 12, 2016.

Other deadlines were set for the 30 and 60-day mark.

The judge stated that by May 12, U-City must find a location or property for the officers. By June 12, it must “begin to relocate clerical, desk, staff and police officers.”