Missouri Trump supporters say the deck is stacked against them for delegates

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MAPLEWOOD, MO (KTVI) - Some Donald Trump supporters in St. Louis County say the deck is stacked against their candidate.

They claim GOP leaders are doing what they can to keep Trump from becoming the nominee.

Trump’s opponents have said they are using the rules in place, and say Trump supporters are not familiar with how those rules work.

One local Trump supporter says the party establishment in Missouri is taking advantage of the inexperience, and stacking delegate slates with people who do not support Trump.  She said some Trump supporters recently left the delegate selection process at their St. Louis County Township feeling as if their presence didn’t matter.

Republican delegates selected for the party’s convention would be free to vote for someone other than the top vote-getter if there’s a second or third ballot.

“People wonder why they should even show up,” said Annette Read, Trump volunteer.

Susan Schenberg is a Trump supporter who worries the voice of Missouri voters will be overshadowed by party politics.

“I really think it goes back to what the Missouri voters want,” said Schenberg.  “I think these slates, these delegates need to support the voters.”

Chris Howard is a Ted Cruz supporter.  He represents the 15th senate district as a G.O.P. state committeeman.

He says delegates are typically republicans who have been involved with building the party for several years, and says no one is “stealing” delegates.

“The idea that somehow these rules appeared isn’t true,” said Howard.  “They’ve been out there on the party’s website for months.”

The Missouri Republican Party says there is a formal contest process in place should anyone feel a delegate switch has taken place, and the party say it is not aware of any such incident.

Some Trump supporters feel the rules are being used this year to keep their candidate from winning.

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