Students help Alton with community service projects

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ALTON, IL (KTVI) - Some local students are working to make sure their community is putting its best face forward in Alton, Illinois

If you drive around the Riverbend area you`re bound to see you signs reminding you to help keep Alton clean.

Wednesday afternoon Marquette explorers took that message to heart.

For the last 13 years, Marquette Catholic High School students in Alton have done service projects in places like New Orleans, Atlanta and Birmingham.

But this year they focused their project in an all too familiar place, their own hometown.

Each night this week, the hometown explorers will find out the night before reporting to duty the next day to paint homes, gazebos or pick up a rake, like in today`s case at Haskell Park.

The cleanup is also part of their curriculum at the catholic high school.

Each student must complete 90 service hours before graduation.

Most Marquette students double that number, and getting their hands dirty is helping keep Alton clean.