Cahokia toddler recovering after being hit by 77-year-old driver

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CAHOKIA, IL (KTVI) - A toddler is recovering tonight after being hit by a car Thursday afternoon. The boy's mother is upset, saying drivers must take more care around children.

Cahokia police issued two citations against a 77-year old female driver from Smithton. She was ticketed for failing to slow down to avoid an accident and for a stop sign violation. Police say they have issued many tickets in the neighborhood for drivers running stop signs and speeding.

The accident happened just after 5pm Thursday on Donald, a Cahokia street with a 25mph speed limit.

One witness said the driver did stop at the stop sign. Others say it was not a full stop. Children had been playing in the street.

Jace Agnew, 2, suffered abrasions to his forehead and needed six stitches to close cuts on his back.

Kiara Agnew rushed from work in Lebanon, Illinois to Cardinal Glennon to find her son in the emergency room. Now she is issuing this plea.

"People just need to stop, pay attention. Kids are outside. Please just stop, slow down. My only baby is at home hurting cause she hit somebody. I`ve got blood on my baby`s clothes. They had to cut his clothes off him cause he rolled up under a car." said Kiara Agnew.

Agnew is thanking God that her child survived and is asking everyone to be cautious now that children are outside playing.