Indecent exposure reported at Shrewsbury shopping center

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SHREWSBURY, MO (KTVI) - Police are investigating a report of indecent exposure at a Shrewsbury shopping center.

A nurse’s aide said a man exposed himself on the sidewalk of Mackenzie Pointe shopping center on Watson Road April 1. The alleged incident took place in the early afternoon.

The man was seen running east, and was later spotted heading west through the parking lot as police canvassed the area. Shrewsbury Police said the incident is isolated and that the man’s intentions are unclear.

“It’s a good question, but until we are able to identify and apprehend the individual to get his side of the story, it remains to be seen,” Lt. Brian Catlett said. “We’d like to get him either the mental help that he needs or arrest him and cite him for the offense.”

Authorities describe the man as 5’9” African-American in his early to mid 20s, slender build, wearing black khaki-style pants, black boots, and a navy hooded sweatshirt. The witness reported that the man did not say anything before he ran away.

Anyone with information should contact the Shrewsbury Police Department.