Proposed MO bill would give anyone access to anti-opioid drug Narcan

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI)- A proposed bill in the Missouri House of Representatives would give third-party access to Narcan/Naloxone. The bill would allow anyone to walk into a pharmacy to get the opioid overdose reversal drug.

This morning Robert Riley II, an addiction counselor at Clayton Behavioral in St. Louis and the co-founder of the Missouri Network for Opiate Reform and Recovery, joined Dan in the studio to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed bill.

MO House Bill 1568 was approved in committee April 7 and moves to the floor, but it still has a way to go before becoming law. Missouri lags behind many other states when it comes to proactive anti-heroin/anti-opioid laws. Currently, Missouri is the only state in the country without a prescription drug monitoring program. House Bill 1892 would change that, but has not yet passed the Senate.