7 ways to combat sore muscles

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Did you get outdoors this weekend? Perhaps do some yard work or gardening, maybe clean out the garage? How are you feeling today? A little sore?

Dr. Rick Lehman, an orthopedic surgeon with the U.S. Center for Sports Medicine in Kirkwood, visits Fox 2 News in the Morning with seven steps you can take to feel better.

1. Early morning protein drink

2. Compression (foam roller, compression shorts, tight fitting long-sleeve shirt)

3. Topicals (Capsaicin bases oils or lotions , anti-inflammatory topical)

4. Hydrate with replacement recovery nutrients (Powerade, etc.)

5. Heat (shower, hot packs, sauna)

6. Eccentric stretching

7. Light recovery exercise (peddle a bike no resistance, moderate paced walk, etc.)