Vietnam veteran honored with medal presentation 48 years after service

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Cecil Wade is sitting front and center for a ceremony to receive some metals from 48 years ago. Surrounded by a room filled with Air Force officers, the retired Army Sergeant was awarded the Army Commendation with Valor, a Purple Heart and a Second Battle Star on his Vietnam service medal for action during combat while under fire.

"They just sent them to me in the mail," says Cecil Wade, Vietnam Veteran.

"We were out riding and he said he had received his medals in the mail and we said that`s great the army has awarded you your medals after 48 years. And they`re part of your record," says John Roskom, Master Sgt. USAF.

It was their fellowship through military service and a love of motorcycles that brought these two friends together.

After hearing this Vietnam veteran`s story of receiving the medals through the mail, Roskom made it his mission to honor his friend formally Friday afternoon.

"It humbled me and I am so grateful that everyone showed up to honor me," says Wade. "It was really nice. Because when I got back from Vietnam, nobody cared."

"I just wanted the audience to hear not just the presentation of the award but what kind of warrior he was," says Roskom. "He volunteered for Vietnam, not once but twice."

"The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, it doesn`t matter," says Wade. 'We`re all brothers and sisters in our eyes. We`re all comrades.'