St. Louis man who was injected with HIV by his father, attempts to break a world record

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - Monday evening, Brryan Jackson could be seen on the campus of St. Charles Community College.  He was rehearsing a speech.

“So in 1995 I went from being this playful, happy, energetic 5-year-old to being this sick, feverish kid,” said Jackson, to an imaginary audience in an empty classroom.

Thursday and Friday, Jackson will attempt to break the world record for most speeches in 24 hours.

You likely have heard of Jackson, but you may have forgotten.  After all, it’s been 20 years since his father was convicted of trying to kill him, by injecting him with HIV.

“I was given five months to live,” said Jackson.  “Funeral arrangements were set after I coded, twice.”

Now Jackson would like to be known for something else.  So this motivation… he prefers inspirational… speaker is trying to break a world record.

It’s the record for most speeches in 24 hours, currently held by former presidential candidate Ralph Nader, who set it in 2008.  The current record?


Jackson will start his attempt Thursday morning, downtown.

“And we’re going to be at different locations,” he said.  “Right outside of Busch Stadium, AT&T.”

Then he will end up on the campus of St. Charles Community College 24-hours after he began.

One of his speech topics will be forgiveness.  Like the forgiveness Brryan granted his father.

“I no longer want to be defined by that situation, so I want to forgive him,” said Brryan.  “And that was for me to be able to set myself free from that situation.  And start a journey that is my own, and defined by what I am doing; not by what other people have done.  Forgiveness has just changed my health.  It has just lifted me to this cloud 9, to where I am the healthiest individual I can be.  My AIDS is what doctor’s call ‘undetectable.’"

Jackson was asked, when all this is said and done… record or not… what he hopes comes out of it.

“People will recognize that they truly do have the potential to overcome anything in life.  The choice is theirs.”

He’s rehearsing in front of that imaginary audience again.

“We tend to hope with expectation,” he says, “rather than hope with faith.”

Jackson said his record-breaking attempt speech schedule will be posted on his website.

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